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Does anybody know about a huge relief map of the US?

I remember reading, in Smithsonian magazine back in the early eighties, about a HUGE relief map of the United States--like so big it fits into a gym-sized room. It's at some college in the Midwest, I think. Does anybody know about this?
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Is it something relating to this map?
posted by xingcat at 2:03 PM on August 15, 2013

The Great Relief Map (formerly) at Babson College fits the bill.
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Probably not what you're talking about, but related: the Army Corps of Engineers had a 200-acre model of the Mississippi River Basin located in Mississippi.
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There is this giant one of California but it was written up in Scientific American and not Smithsonian. You're sure it was the US?
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as an aside, this boutique publisher makes some stunners, yo.

2d shaded-relief best-of-breed. Nice to see a world map that - ya know - shows the whole word (suck it, web mercator).
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forgot about this USGS six-sheet beauty (physical, not shaded relief)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers, everyone!
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