Architectural magazines in Spanish?
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I'm (re-)learning Spanish and am finding the stories in my "First Spanish Reader" to be somewhat lacking in interest. Since I enjoy thumbing through architectural/interior design magazines, I thought a print subscription to one in Spanish would be a fun way to learn. I've encountered the Spanish version of Architectural Living ("Arquitectura Viva"), which seems alright. I'd like to know if there are other options. For reference, my preferred aesthetic is stark modern with aged materials (examples: wabi sabi, Scandinavian and excessive concrete). Muchas gracias!
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El Croquis is one of the best modern architectural publications in the world, if that works for you. Every issue that I've ever seen is essentially a monograph, so the style of it depends on who they're covering, although they tend towards avant-garde. Super expensive, but each issue that I've seen is basically a coffee table book. You can get back issues at museum bookstores.
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Nuevo Estilo
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El Croquis came immediately to mind. Everything LionIndex said is spot-on.
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