Bicycle seat bag with a durable zipper
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Anyone have recommendations for a large bicycle seat bag that has a durable zipper?

Been through two of these now, a new bag with a zipper that separated after a couple months, then a hand-me-down that lasted maybe a month before the same problem happened.
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Best answer: Are you willing to consider one without a zipper entirely? I have one of these Ortlieb saddle bags (the Plus one, I believe) and it's incredibly durable, but uses a roll-and-compression-strap closure. It's slightly less convenient to get into, but not much, and anyway I don't keep stuff I need to get to quickly in my saddle bag. This Topeak version has a similar construction. They're both waterproof.
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Best answer: Also in the zipperless realm: the Minnehaha series saddle bags from Banjo Brothers (barrel, small, medium). I have the small and it's great for tools, lunch, extra socks, etc. (I keep a Pocket Messenger Bag in mine for grocery runs and what not).

I know some people who use the medium for touring; you can fit a surprising amount of stuff in it.
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I've had 3 or 4 different bags, never seen anything like that happen. Not sure if you're just unlucky or what. I have been using topeak bags for the last few years because topeak has a mounting plate that goes on the bike seat, and the bag just slides and locks onto it. They have several bags that share the same mounting plate - in fact my tool kit from them also fits it. I have several bikes and so this is an easy way for me not to have to have many bags filled with tubes and stuff.
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Best answer: Carradice Originals are great bags that don't use zippers. The cotton duck cloth actually keeps contents fairly dry even during a downpour, though anything that absolutely must stay completely dry would best be packed in a ziplock bag (or you could get a rain cover for the bag). I use a Zip Roll, which has been fairly sturdy.

I've also heard good things about the Jandd Mountain Wedge II, but I've never used one myself.
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Response by poster: Ah didn't realize there were zipperless bags, everything I've seen online and in stores had them.

RustyBrooks: "I've had 3 or 4 different bags, never seen anything like that happen. Not sure if you're just unlucky or what. "

Think it's a combo of cheap, crappy bags and frequent, heavy use.
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It could be the frequent use thing - I basically only open mine maybe 10 times/year max. Only if I have a flat or some other rare need. I don't really "store" stuff I'm going to use in them.

Not sure what kind of stuff you're carrying around but these days I put everything I plan to use in jersey pockets. In fact on one of my bikes I don't even carry spare tubes/etc on the bike, just in a bag I put in a jersey pocket.
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