Where in MPLS can I learn to throw a punch?
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Just moved to Minneapolis and would like to continue my martial arts training. I was doing shotokan karate for about three years and would like to pick up where I left off, but I'm open to other forms if there is a particularly good school you'd recommend. Any suggestions of places to look into or where I can find out more about my options?

Of course I would like to continue in the same style, but some friends have encouraged me to switch to MMA or krav maga because it's more modern or practical. What's most important to me is a place that focuses on form and technique, not just leveling up. I'm not really concerned about what color belt I'm wearing but getting in shape and moving toward a mastery of the skill. Someplace in or around South Minneapolis would be preferred. Thanks.
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Best answer: I was going to suggest maybe going to Rising Sun Martial Arts Supply and talking to them about the discipline that you're interested in and getting a recommendation, but it looks like they also have a list of resources on their website.

When I was dabbling in the martial arts for a while, I got really good vibes from the Bloomington Warrior's Cove (did one aikido and a couple of brazilian jiujitsu classes), and a terrible, super pushy, all upsell, SIGNOURCONTRACTNOW treatment from the School of Shaolin. Both of these experiences were 8-9 years ago though.
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Response by poster: Found a place on the list that looks like what I wanted. Thanks a lot. If anyone else has personal experience they would like to share, I'm always open to suggestions.
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