Cheap fishing lures?
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What are some good, cheap fishing lures for saltwater fishing in the PNW?

I've just taken up saltwater fishing with my eldest son (he loves it). We fish off a breakwater (a popular fishing spot with access to ling cod, rockfish and Chinook salmon). There is a deep, rocky bottom, with spots that are free of kelp.

However, sometimes the lure drifts into kelp, and, more often than not, gets snagged.

We've been using buzz bombs, and losing one to the kelp hurts - they're $4 apiece.

Is there a cheaper lure I can use or make? I noticed you can buy packs of little rubber squid lures for a couple of bucks, which seems more economical. But their is no shot (weight) or hook. Should I just try to make a lure?

Any ideas?
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Shorecaster is all about fishing around Victoria. They have a section on lures and the Ogden Point breakwater (one of my favorite places on the planet).

When I used to fish in weedy lakes up north I'd replace the hooks on my casting lures with weedless hooks. They may be useful in the kelp as well.
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What you want are bio swimbaits and a weedless rig.
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As far a cheap tackle goes, I've sometimes seen used gear at Sportstraders, across the parking lot from Capital Iron. You could also try UsedVictoria or kajiji.
If you want to DIY you could try using spoons
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Response by poster: Hey all, thanks for the ideas. The spoons idea looks pretty cool, actually, and is pretty ideal for the local fishing conditions.

islander of course (being an Islander) nails it - we're fishing from Ogden Point, about 2 blocks from where I am banging on the keyboard. Quite a lot of Rockfish, and a lot of places to get snagged.

My question is, what's with the little squid lures? How do you use them?

Should I be putting bait (pilchards etc) on my hook?
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By squid lures do you mean any of these things?
I've only ever used large ones when jigging for halibut in really deep water.
What I suspect you need around the breakwater is a lure with some weight so you can both cast it a good distance and get it down to the bottom, although I've never actually fished there.
(BTW my old Dad grew up on Montreal St. and I caught my first fish from my grand dad's boat just off the breakwater. We launched the boat from the venerable James Bay Anglers Club which I think still has a shack near nearby, just west of the Pilotage Authority building, although I haven't been down there for a while.)
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Response by poster: Ah, no, what I am thinking of seems to be something called an Octopus Skirt.

What are these used for?
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Those are used to cover up a weight and a hook so the hardware looks more like bait.
Sort of like a skirt for your buzz bombs or other heavy lure so you'd still need to buy all the other stuff.
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