Woman Science Fiction writer helped by the CDC?
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She did a lot of research on her own & needed an expert to bounce ideas off. She found a sympathetic receptionist who connected her with a scientist who over several calls, said "nope", "nope", "nope", "oh, uhmmm... yeah, that might work".

Who is she? I thought I read about her on boingboing, but I can't find it now. It's possible the writer is male, but I think I have that right.

I'm not clear on what the virus (or prion?) caused. Might be zombification or just death (pandemic).
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I was also coming in to say Mira/Seanan.
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Yeah it's the Kellis-Amberlee virus in the Newsflesh series.
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The virus actually cured both the common cold and cancer (two viruses, man-made, accidental combination), with the side effect of zombies.
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Oh, Wired. Wired? Wired! Yep, Wired. They keep surprising me. It's like it's 1997 and the Queen mu influence is still evident. Also featured on the blue. Thought it had to be Boing Boing. Thanks all!
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