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What's the word for the useless filler reticulations on spaceships? I think it was coined by the model builders of Millennium Falcon or Star Destroyer. --(I'm certain this question has been asked and answered here before. No luck in the FU Google machine. )--Thanks!
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I love that there's a word (actually three in the article) for this! Greebles, nurnies and wiggets oh my!

OP and others who like this question - you will like this site I should think, recently posted to the blue: Model Miniatures.
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Another esoteric term from the world of kitbashing that you might find interesting/useful is "aztecing," which involves painting different panels on a model with different colors, to give the ship (or whatever) a more "lived in" appearance, looking as if panels have been damaged or repaired over time.
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The internal version of greebles can fall under GNDN - a serial number prefix put on the side of many Star Trek technical architecture props (power relays, computer banks, etc). It means 'Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing'.
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