Premiership winners' medals
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Why are Colleen and Kai Rooney wearing (Premiership champion) medals in this photo? Do the players get more than one or does the club make replicas for family members?

If the direct link doesn't work it's photo 24 of 27 in this set. Ferguson's grandkids are also wearing some in 26 of 27. Not a very important question but one that's been debated in this house for a little bit today!
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It's a Barclays Premier League Winner's Medal. Rooney has won it 5 times.
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Oh, is your question why would a major sponsor bestow ribbons on people who don't play football? Marketing.
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They're probably replicas that were handed out by the club or Barclay's. The players only get one and only players who made 10 appearances qualify.
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Best answer: Man U were given 40 medals to award to players and staff, perhaps his family borrowed them from staff not on the pitch or players not present on the day. Given Rooneys current standing with the fans it might have been pre planned PR too. Source.
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Colleen doesn't look like she's holding a medal. Whatever it is, it's much chunkier / wider than the one around Wayne's neck.
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Best answer: Ha! Turns out all the Man United kids got chocolate medals! Here's a pic of Rio Ferdinand's kids chomping on theirs...YUM
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