Cadence Training + Podcast Listening?
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I developed a knee injury while training for a 10K. I ran the 10K (much to my knee's displeasure), but saw a doctor and physical therapist shortly thereafter. My physical therapist has recommended that I work on cadence training to improve my form. I primarily listen to podcasts (via Downcast, but I can change apps if necessary), and am looking for a cadence training metronome that will run in the background while I play my podcasts. Any suggestions? The metronome in the app "Running Cadence" is what I'm looking for (input your bpm, and it spits out a clicking sound), but it gets all funky when I try to run Downcast at the same time. Any suggestions for cadence training apps (for iPhone) that will run while playing podcasts would be much appreciated!
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iSmoothRun. Has a cool new option to only turn on the metro one if your turnover is too low (Of course you can leave it on all the time). Works fine for me with Downcast.
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