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QuoteFilter: war + reelection + politics. No luck with Google.

I'm looking for a quote on the specific topic of political election in wartime. The gist is that incumbents are much more likely to win reelection while their country is at war. Of course, it's worded more elegantly by a much more respected person than myself. Google and the big quote sites haven't turned anything up.
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Is it this one? Elections and politics in this country correspond with battles and war in other times and countries. Whatever of departing evils remains is sure to show itself last in the excitement of political contests. -Rutherford B Hayes
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Googling "no wartime president" yields a ton of sites which continue along the lines of "has ever been turned out of office," but it's not attributed in the few I looked at.
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Don't tell me it's the old "You don't change horses in the middle of the stream," is it?
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no, its "don't change horsemen in the middle of an apocalypse!"
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