CIA mind control
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I was reading about psychic driving which is a CIA and psychotherapy technique to change human behavior. What I wonder is what kind of messages did they play to them? The same ones over and over? Different ones mixed together? what kind of things did they say? Seeing as how it was done by Dr. D. Ewen Cameron at a legitimate University under the guise of legitimate psychiatric research , I would imagine he would have released peer reviewed medical journals detailing his techniques, their effectiveness ect including what messages he played to them. What I am particularity interested in is what kind of things were said on the tape they played
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I did a quick search of our library's databases and found one article Cameron published:

"Psychic driving: Dynamic implant." in Psychiatric Quarterly. Vol.31 1957, pp. 703-712. Published under the name "D. E. Cameron", so that's probably what to search for in other journals, not Ewan Cameron.

The abstract is as follows:
Psychic driving is the exposure of the patient to continued replaying of a cue communication derived from one of the original areas from which his current difficulties arise. This driving sets up a persisting tendency for the cue statement and related activities and attitudes to return to awareness. This tendency is the dynamic implant. The dynamic qualities of the implant are functions of the amount and repetition of driving, the intensity of response, defenses, stress tolerance, and capacity for desensitization. The major continuing effects of the dynamic implant are progressive problem identification, resulting reorganization of behavioral patterns, and negative evaluation of the neurotic patterns present in the cue communication used in driving.
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And there's a paper with the same name published in The American Journal of Psychiatry, v. 112 no. , pp. 502-509 in 1956. Maybe the 1957 one is just a reprint.
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Response by poster: I googled that and it wants me to pay to view the full article but It let me read a couple pages. It seems focused on something called a Dynamic implant, which I think is a sub-part of the process. In the first paragraph it says "In an earlier communication the procedure of psychic driving has been described in some detail." If you could find that "earlier communication" I think it might answer my question.
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I don't have access to the earlier one, but I do have the full text of the 1957 one, and it has quite a bit of detail about what the cues are he plays to the patients (including direct quotes of examples). I don't think I can send a file via memail, but if you memail me your email address, I'll send you a copy of the full text.
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Response by poster: Thanks, got your email. You say you don't have access to the earlier one but do you know what it is called?
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I think he must mean the 1956 paper by the same name in the American Journal of Psychiatry (full reference in my comment above). There is no reference list and no other mentions of papers in the 1957 one.
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