Can you identify this object / game / toy / mysterious item? [pictures!]
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I can't figure out what this strange thing is. It resembles a set of dominoes with unfamiliar symbols on them. I'm sure someone out there will recognize it immediately. Thanks! picture 1 picture 2 picture 3
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MahJong set.
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It's a mahjong set!
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Def Majong Set- Nice one too
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The long red guides are for each player to stack their pieces.
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Definitely mahjong
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Mahjong! and i only recognise it from the online version sadly
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Mah Jong!!! Bang! Ban!

Might be made put of ivory. You play it like Rummycube, but the rules change a bit every year. Your local Chinatown or Hadassah Shop will have a card for sale with the rules. (Or on line as others have linked to.).

It was a huge fad in the thirties.
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