Ice Dancing Routine Identification?
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I'm looking for a specific Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir routine, which involves them skating with some kind of stick-like prop. Can anyone help me identify that program?
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Prop implies exhibition. Is it this? The photo info says 2008 SOI, so I would look to see what their 2008 exhibition piece was.
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It looks like it was definitely performed at the 2008 Stars on Ice in Toronto, but I can't find any videos of it and it doesn't look like it's one of their 2007-2008 exhibition pieces. Hopefully that helps you find it.
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If you look at the next few pictures after the one Nickel linked to, it looks like part of the routine involves a barre. I've tried search terms to that effect, but there seems to be a great gap on YouTube where 2008 SOI videos are concerned.

I've also taken the liberty of submitting a link to this thread to some of the bigger ice dance and Virtue/Moir fan tumblrs, because if there are people who know which routine this is, it may well be them!
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Nickel: Yes, that's it! I saw bits of that routine in V&M montages, but I couldn't find anything on an initial search.

Just did another search. The routine is called "Ballet", but I'm not finding much info or any videos of it online, unfortunately.

Undue influence: thanks for the forward. New fan to V&M, and I'm just catching up on their past programs.
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Found it!
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Wow, great job Nickel, thanks. That is a beautiful programme.
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Thanks again Nickel!
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