Exclamations of fear
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What are some exclamations people make when shocked, freaked out or frightened? I've seen this question and while it's awesome, I'm trying to find more serious things people blurt out in crisis situations. Alternatives to "Oh my god" or "Jesus Christ" or "Oh #@%&!"
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"Jesus Mary and Joseph" is a good one.
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Jesus wept. Crud. Crap. Holy fuck. Holy moly. Bloody hell. Tony Abbott.
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Christ on a Crutch!
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The two I use are "God BLESS IT!" and "sweet baby Jesus asleep on the hay!"
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Are you freakin' kidding me?
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I read somewhere about a man whose job was to listen to the "black box" audio tapes from planes that crashed. According to him, by far the most common "last words" from the pilots was "Oh, shit!"
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"Jesus, Mary, and holy saint Joseph!"

Used to know a very religious guy who'd say "Cheese and rice!" when startled or upset as a less blasphemous alternative to Jesus Christ. It was unique. And made me hungry every time.
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Hell's bells and what the flying fuck are my go-tos, personally
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Holy Shnikes!
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No no no no no no no
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10+ years ago i was reading a novel, forget if it was mario puzo canon or just godfather fanfic. a mobster rival of michael corleone was flying a small plane across a lake. the plane had been sabotaged so that it would go down. when the mobster pilot realized this, he said...

"sono fottuto."
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I just say "Fuck" or "Fucking shit" or "Shitting fuck" but I presume you've discarded those options.

"Sweet mother of pearl" was my grandfather's go-to, and "Heavenly days" was my grandmother's. I had a great-uncle who said "Suffering cats" or "Suffering fish".
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My personal favorites are Will Ferrell and Steve Carell influenced, such as "great Odin's Raven," or "Kelly Clarkson!"
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I read an article about Hurricane Sandy, a mom described yelling "Holy Shitake Mushrooms" upon driving up to her wrecked house with her kids.
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In Chinese... "Aiyahhh!"
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Paternal grandfather used to exclaim "Great day in the morning!"
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'HOLY MOSES' when something weird happens.

There's always the classic 'GAAAAAAAAAAAAH WHY'
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I seems to go with this weird nasal "Haannnnnnngaaaaa" when I dump things on my feet/drop them. I have no idea what I'm trying to say, but that's the noise I make.

I've also used 'dang' and 'oh hells'.
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I personally tend to yell something like "crap on a spatula!" and proceed to flail around with angry jazz hands.
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Sharp intake of breath
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I'm totally interested in spontaneous surprise-related utterances based on language/ethnicity.

Exactly like how the sounds that cats/dogs/chickens/roosters make are "stereotyped" totally different between some cultures. Some may be attributed to the difference in the prevalent species of domestic animal, others to common phenome useage that differs between languages.

Non-scientifically, I'm noticed a sharp intake of breath (ghaaasp!) or sharp outtake of breath (gahhh!) after an initial involuntary glotal stoppage followed by corrective in/out-take of breath, and their variations as the base expression regardless of culture in response to acute terrifying shock.

As a former unrepentant obscenity dropper, I've been somewhat successful in replacing my naturally reflexive shit fuck damn hell with crap/shoot forget darn hecks in my everyday language at (my new) work, so I'm fairly convinced that specific words are from culture rather than from innate neural architecture.
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I go "oh dear." I think it's about a fall of a minor sixth.

Some people will type 'meep.' I think some would say it too, but I haven't personally seen it in the wild.
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What the fork and blergh
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Mother Fucker!
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Holy shinola. Christ on a cracker. Sweet baby Jesus. Fibber McGee!
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For things that are scary by implication, and which I have time to prepare for, I usually say "well, this can't be good." for more immediate things, I curse. "...the hell?!?" being most common.
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'God BLESS America....' (usually said through gritted teeth, like when I drop something on my foot) or 'Christ on a crutch!'
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Ive adopted a couple of SFW ones from Wallace and Gromit "flippin' 'eck" , and "ohhhheck", and less polite "bleedin' flippin' eck"
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There is a truly global way in which people reference religion, human waste, or sex in these situations in just about every language and language family. While I was in the US I got around the vulgarity of this by just cursing in French - though this now works significantly less well living in a French speaking country.
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When I get startled (like, I think I'm alone and then someone comes up behind me and taps my shoulder, or I open the door and someone's standing there) I tend to blurt out a string of expletives under my breath that have absolutely nothing to do with one another or the situation.

Example: "jesus fucking bitch shit damnit [deep breath] what??"

Usually this amuses the other person, and now that it's been pointed out to me...yeah.
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Jimminy Christmas!
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There's nothing like a good ol' "son of a bitch!" for moments like that. Also: ¡Pa' carajo! and its myriad variations if you're from the Caribbean Hispanosphere.
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FWIW, in surprise crisis situation I use:

Holy shit
Holy shitballs
Fuck me
Fuck me running
Fuck me with a chainsaw
Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ

For milder, less startling situations, I use:

Mercy sakes (yes, I actually say this)
Goodness sakes
Oh, for heaven's sake
Good Lord
Good heavens
Good gracious
Gracious me
Holy poot
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There's a difference between knowing you are going to die, and general scrapes and bangs. Scrapes and bangs, yeah, it's swears. But for death I just stick with "No.", and I don't mean that in a "No!" or "Oh no!" way either. Just a nice, firm, "No.", as though you were saying it to a child who just started begging for a candy. That was my response to drowning, suffocating, the car accident, and all the other times I've been close. I just tell the reaper: No.
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Good grief!

Oh my stars [and garters]!

I am the only person I know who occasionally still says "Heavens to Murgatroyd!".
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I spent so long working around kids that I had to come up with something. I just borrowed from my grandparents' generation. I say "rats!" a lot. And "shoot!" and "sugar!" and my grandfather's favorite, "Awwww, foot."

There was also some character in cartoons when I was growing up that was always muttering angrily under his breath. It sounded like "Rats a fratsa mugga boogah" and stuff like that. I do that some times.
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Miko, that would be Yosemite Sam.
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Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick!
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I used to know someone whose go-to was "Fuck-shit-DAMN, bitch!!" If you're gonna say language, might as well cover the whole field I guess. I've taken to muttering "No es bueno" under my breath when blindsided by an unpleasant realization, which I attribute to listening to banda music on Mexican radio in the mornings.
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I have a friend who uses specific strings of curses to mean specific things. If he says "shitfuckass!" it means he touched something hot. The same words in a different order might mean he pinched his fingers, or his leg has fallen asleep. Me, I'm fond of "christshitters!" It's kind of awkward to say, but that just makes it better.
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Miko, that would be Yosemite Sam.

No, it's not him that I'm referencing though I love him. It was some sort of dog/mutt. He was on Wacky Races, but I don't know what his original cartoon home was.
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Dark, sneering sarcasm being second nature, I've gone with "Nice!" on a few occasions, most memorably while separating from my bike in mid-air after taking an unpainted speedbump at full pedal on an unlit street.
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I'm partial to "Jesusfuck" and "Godspit" (which I will admit I stole from China Miéville)
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I'm prone to exclaim "JE-sus loved his mother!"
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...also "SWEET fancy haircut!" - not sure at all where it came from, as I typically curse enough to clear out a sailor's pub...
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There was a Seinfeld episode in which George says "sweet fancy Moses!" I assumed it was one of their efforts to create a catchphrase.
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(Miko, that mutt was Muttley. And yep, there were earlier incarnations.)
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Judas H. Priest is a favorite in my family.
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Mary, mother of God; Holy Mary; or in truly desperate times, Holy Mary, mother of God.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

Oh, no; oh, how horrible.
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I try to keep my swearing to a minimum, so my go to is "Fudgebuckets!" for things like stubbed toes, dropped dishes and other surprising events. I also tend to say "Oh poop" when something disappointing happens.

An old friend uses "Merle H. Stubing!" (we were big Love Boat fans as kids)
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I learned not too long ago that I actually "EEEEP!" during turbulence. I was almost as surprised as my seatmate.
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