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Might anyone be able to suggest a good coin dealer in the Washington DC area? Looking to price out a variety of coins - a couple of gold coins, silver coins, random hodgepodge of probably worthless foreign coins, and inaugural coins & medals. Although a bit morbidly opportunist, would it be that much wiser to wait and sell a couple of Reagan/Bush and Carter commemorative coins (with all the Franklin Mint certifications) after Carter & Bush eventually pass away?
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Anything from the Franklin Mint is pretty much never going to drastically rise in value.
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Your gold and silver shouldn't be worth any less than 90% of spot price (look a Melt Values for your coins). If I was in Boston, I would go to JJ Teaparty - they will give 98% of spot. If you have more than a few ounces of gold, it would be worth a day trip up there to maximize your profit.
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If you don't get any better answers here, you shouldcontact the Washington Numismatic Society; there's an email link on their site.
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You might try Cameo Coins & Collectibles in Vienna, VA. I've only been in there a couple times and never sold them anything, but they seemed like a no-BS establishment.
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