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I've been in Sydney for a while now but still dont have a favorite cafe-hang. Looking for recommendations, preferably but not necessarily in the Surry Hills/Newtown/Inner Westish area, where I could inconspicuously spend the better part of day ploughing through a massive book, with excellent coffee, comfortable seating and minimal distracting muzak.
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It's been a while since I was there, but there must be a cafe in Glebe that fits the bill - there certainly used to be several. I'd suggest strolling down Glebe Point Rd until you find one you like.
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Berkelouw Books is always a good bet - O'Connell St in Newtown (just off King St) or Oxford St in Paddington, next to the Verona Cinema.
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Badde Manners in Glebe is great for long hangouts. The staff are totally cool with this kind of customer. When I lived in Sydney, I often went there with a friend for coffee and Scrabble.

There is also a place with an orange sign, across from Newtown Station, which is nice. I can't remember the name, and haven't been there in a couple of years, so who knows if it is still there or still orange. It's the one with the nice courtyard--it has entrances on both King St and Enmore Road.
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I was coming in to suggest Berkelouw in Newtown. They even have comfy couches set up (or at least did last time I was there, which admittedly was a while ago. I miss Newtown)

If you just want a fantastic sandwich and a coffee go to Luxe on Missenden Road. The smoked wagyu OMFG.
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I find very few cafes in Sydney like you hanging all day, but the ones that seem most open to long-stays are Strawberry X in Mary Street Surry Hills, Molly Coddle near Stanmore station, Silverbean on Enmore Road (there's another place opposite it that is all-day friendly but the coffee is not as good), Butch Food cafe on Church Street. I have spent many hours in the thai restaurant out the back of the Bank Hotel during the day. There is virtually no one there during the day and it is a lovely leafy outdoor space, in fact I virtually ran my business from there for a few years!
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