Portland/vancouver spaces for private nerd event
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A good friend is getting married in Vancouver, WA. Where in Vancouver, Portland, or nearby can our group of ~15-20 friends host a boozy board & video game bachelor party for him?

The wedding will be on Saturday, and we hope to enjoy a night of drinking, video games, and board games (as we were wont to do in the old days) to send him off on Thursday or Friday. None of the wedding party lives in either Oregon or Washington, however. Where in Vancouver, Portland, or nearby would be able to accomodate our group of ~15-20 people with a decent setup for video & board gaming and tolerance for some revelry? We're looking into renting a house or a small hotel conference-type room, but I hope to find a local place with better atmosphere, if possible.
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Backspace for board games and computer-based video games, Ground Kontrol for arcade-style video games and pinball. Good thing they're within a block of each other.
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The XBus?
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