Help finding a great video game blog?
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I'm looking for a good blog and/or personal site about video games...

My two favorite gaming sites are KidFenris and Crunk Games, but sadly, neither of them update very often. Slashdot Games I read regularly, but it's a bit impersonal. In short, I was wondering if there were any recommendable gaming sites that have the personality of the first two sites, but can be read every day like the third. I'm interested in nearly all game genres, as well as game music, collectables, and import titles.
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I'm assuming you know about Penny Arcade and Game Girl Advance? If you didn't, well, now you do.
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The Gawker family has Kotaku to offer.
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try pixelkill its personal and I dont think too many people read it, but its good.
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(Also, check Kotaku's right-column link section - there's a ton of gaming blogs listed there)
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I guess this one's pretty well known already, but I read Joystiq.
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It's pretty exclusively focused on the economics and sociology of MMORPGs, but if you're into that, I love Terranova.
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Guardian games blog
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I second Penny Arcade and Game Girl Advance. Heartily and enthusiastically.
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Well as far as personal type blogs go...

Grumpy Gamer
Game * Design * Art * Culture
Grand Text Auto
Jay is games (just found this one)

And here are some developer blogs that are less frequently updated but good reading...
Game Matters 3d realms guy
Modblog God of War guy
GameDevBlog Spider-Man 2 guy
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Can I put in a plug for my own updated-four-times-a-day gaming blog? Press The Buttons
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Hmm, yeah, I do visit Penny Arcade, but usually only skim Tycho's posts (sorry I didn't mention this before, but I'm typically of the "tl;dr" school when it comes to blog posts). As for GGA, I'm a bit wary of the "girl gamers" label, though I have read an article or two there in the past.

On first glance, Kotaku, Game Matters, and GameDevBlog look like sites I'd be interested in.
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Alice's Wonderland is one of the few weblogs I find worth reading on a daily basis.
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Game Girl Advance isn't really written from the pov of a girl gamer. Two people write it, once's a guy. It's good.
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Idle Thumbs isn't updated all that often, but I enjoy their reviews, news, and articles.
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I like 4 Color Rebellion.
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Jake from Seattle maintains 8 bit joystick which has been around for a while and is a good mix of the personal and professional-ish.
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spotty with updates and more about 'gaming' than just videogames (although he does cover them alot) a real great site to check out now and again is Greg Costikyan
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The two that I visit every day are joystiq (mentioned above) and shacknews.

Both are well known sites, but with the two of them together, you get really good coverage of the entire gaming spectrum. They've also got a good amount of personality. Shacknews has a large userbase as well (though it tends towards the fark mentality if you're into that sort of hting).

One other place that I visit regularly is metacritic's games section. If you haven't been to metacritic before, it's an aggregation review site, combing reviews of many different sites. It doesn't have much personality itself, but links to all kinds of reviews over the net. I bet you could find some other sites you like through it.
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Clive Thompson posts really interesting stuff about video games and culture at Collision Detection. It's not, strictly speaking, a video game blog, but you might find it worthwhile.
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Is this just too obvious? Bluesnews
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Hello, Nintendo.
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Also: I don't know what it's called, but it's by Ste Curran aka former Edge columnist RedEye.
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Cheap video games, video game sales, and video game deals for your cheap ass"
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Greggman - American game developer in Japan (I think at Sony)
POV - A Producer's Point of View - game producer at Treyarch
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Check out our video game blog at and tell me what you think! Our take is a little different - not everything is sunshine in the industry, know what I mean? Everybody on the team is the embodiment of the average hardcore gamer - hope you find it refreshing.

Hope you like!

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