Newbie: ski OR snowboard at Windham Mountain
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I'm going to get lessons to ski or snowboard for my very first time. This will be at Windham Mountain. Either looks like fun. If I have to pick one for my first outing on this mountain, and with this mountain's beginner classes, and this season's snow, which should I choose?

I've previously skiied cross country (track and telemark). I can do simple turns on those and snowplows and generally not die going down gentle hills, groomed or otherwise. I have ok balance and can ice skate without killing myself. I have never skateboarded.
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Best answer: Ski. If you can telemark you'll pick it right up.
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Best answer: I would definitely say to ski based on it being much easier to learn than snowboarding. Based on your cross country experience, you could darn near just go do it without lessons. Turning on downhill skis is much easier than on cross country, because your heels are locked down as well as your toes.
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Best answer: Skiing has a longer but more gentle learning curve. Snowboarding's learning curve is shorter and steeper. You'll learn to do "expert" turns on a snowboard faster, but you'll be suffering a lot of bruising in the process. Your beginner ski turns might not be pretty, but they'll be effective at not dumping you on your ass.
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Best answer: Beginning snowboarding involves spending a lot of time falling on your ass!! The above people have it- if one day, ski.
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Best answer: Snowboarding's awesome, but not for a one day gig like this, and especially not when you've already had some experience on skis. Definitely ski. WEAR A HELMET. Have fun!
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Best answer: I love skiing the bunny hills. I like being outdoors in the snow and there's something peaceful about a gentle slope in the pines. Go for a ski lesson and enjoy the day.
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Best answer: Ski!
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Response by poster: Thank you. I <3 ask.metafilter for optimal responses like all of yours.
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Best answer: nthing skis and I bet you'll be the most advanced person in your ski lesson. Good luck and have fun.
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Best answer: I am a ski instructor, IANYSI etc. For one day of snow and given your past experience with telemarking and cross country skiing, go skiing. It will be easier for you to pick up and learn especially since some movements and types of balance are similar to telemarking. In my experience snowboarding is harder to learn off the bat and you will probably be able to progess onto harder hills faster on skis. Dont forget to wear a helmet and have a great time!
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Skiing. Oh man it's a blast!

Also, after spending a bunch of time going side to side down hills, I figured something out: If you come to a decent downhill section with a good flat area at the end, you can go straight down the hill and scrub off your speed at the flat spot. As my brother said, "That was a good thing to find out." Have fun and be safe!
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Best answer: Skiing in the Mid-Atlantic is a lot like ice skating (no, really). Given your past experience, it sounds like you'll probably be a competent skier in no time at all. If you take a lesson, tell your instructor about your past experience -- you'll probably go straight into an intermediate group.

Snowboarding's a lot more difficult to become passably-good at, especially in the crowded/icy conditions that you're going to find at Windham.
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Response by poster: Thank you all - I totally shredded the bunny slopes that day. Where totally here means "managed to turn, use my edges, and not fall on my ass much."

My cross country experience translated very well to downhill. I wasn't able to take a lesson, but that really didn't matter. I just worked my way up from the newbie learn-to-ski zone to a real beginner trail in about 60 minutes on my own.
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