Where can I find a list of Save The Cat moments?
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I wonder whether there is a good listing somewhere of "Save the Cat" moments from movies?

"Save The Cat" is screenwriter Blake Snyder's term for the scene in which a moment of kindness inspires audience empathy and makes a character seem redeemable. I found this good one at TVTropes but I wonder if there are any other references on the subject besides, of course, Snyder's book.

Suggestions of your favorite Save The Cat moments also welcome.
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How much have you looked here: www.blakesnyder.com
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Aladdin offering his stolen piece of bread to a local orphan is a good example from Disney-dom, as is Cinderella saving Gus Gus from the mouse trap in her home.
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First one that comes to mind is the opening scene of Bad Lieutenant New Orleans, when Cage and Kilmer come across the prisoner slowly drowning. They kind of taunt him for a bit and pretend like they're going to walk away, then Cage turns around and jumps in to save him. Basically the whole movie is based off that premise. (Hope I'm remembering it right, it's been about a year since I watched it).
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I love the scene in the first Hellboy film where it's totally literal and he saves a box full of kittens from a drooling, tentacled beastie.
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Another literal: in Defending Your Life, Meryl Streep's character saves her two children from her burning home, and then goes back in to get the cat.
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The Hellboy scene in question - so good.
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How about Casablanca..Rick has the croupier let the young man win at roulette so that he and his young wife can escape the country. I think it is the first open sign of his tender heart.
Is that the kind of thing you are looking fi?
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