Young writer connected with HTMLGiant and made funny xtranormal videos?
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I forgot the name of this young author I like. He writes weird, short fiction and had a crazy LiveJournal page (or something outdated like that). I think he's connected with HTMLGiant or some similar hip online literary site.

I actually got into him via these xtranormal videos he made maybe 3-4 years ago? I can't for the life of me remember what they were about, but they were funny and I laughed. He did an MFA somewhere and was fresh out; I don't think he had a book out then but he had contributed to a bunch of places. Thoughts?
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Response by poster: I want to say one of his stories was named "River" or some other one word nature thing, but I think that was one of his more "serious" stories maybe. Sorry I can't think of anything else but this is really nagging me...
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Best answer: Writer (poet?) Mark Leidner comes up as having an MFA, xtranormal videos, and a book, "Beauty Was the Case That They Gave Me." He's also connected with HTMLGiant. (Disclaimer: I know nothing about the guy, but he checks for your criteria.)
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Aha -- "The River."
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Response by poster: DING!!!! Thank you so much MonkeyToes! How did you pull that off? My google-fu clearly failed me here. Whatever you did, genius. Now I can sleep tonight. Thanks.
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Searching for 'htmlgiant xtranormal writer' pulled up this hit on the first page of Google results. Not so much -fu as dumb luck. Wishing you improved sleep!
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