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What does the writing on this T-shirt (in Arabic?) and its tag (in Hebrew?) say? Translations and transliterations please!

T-shirt and tag are here.

Close-up of tag here.

Thanks everybody.
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I'm not sure exactly what the tag says because Hebrew isn't written with vowels in the same way some languages are, but the components of it are "N R M EE N." Possibly "Norman."
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Native speaker husband says, "University/College of Mar Elias for the Engineers Student's Day 1998". He suspects it's Lebanese in origin. No clue about the tag.
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Mar Elias University is in Iblin, Israel. Presumably it's named after the Mar Elias refugee settlement in Beirut? Or maybe it's one of those Miami University of Ohio things, I don't know.
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Norman would be spelled נורמן.
It's a name, common among Coptic Egyptians -- beyond that I can't tell you anything.

here's the translation again, in line with the transliteration.

Kulia mar alyaas l'lhandiseen
College of Mar Elias for the Engineers
(or, as googled, Mar Elias College of Technology)

yom a'6aalib
(6=a letter that doesn't exist, sounds similar to a t)
Student's Day
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The Hebrew tag is the name "Nermin" - probably the Egyptian name, though it's a name used elsewhere too.
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