Hark, a new webcomic!
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Because Hark, a Vagrant has slowed her publishing schedule, I need some more similar web comics to fill the void. Help!

Things I like about her comics:
- Actually nice, real drawing! Not stick figures, and not too glossy either.
- Sometimes "educational" but never pedantic
- Not about computers/video games/math
- No twee highschooly relationship dynamics

I also like/d Three Word Phrase, Achewood, and Sin Titulo.

Basically I'm looking for the opposite of xkcd. Thank you kindly.
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You do follow Kate Beaton's Twitter feed (@beatonna), right? It's more family oriented than history oriented, but it's still great.
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Perry Bible Fellowship (updates are few and far between, but there is a huge archive of awesome).
Wondermark (very funny and great-looking strips collaged out of Victorian illustrations).
Cat and Girl.
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Wondermark is a good stepping-off point.
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Gun Show is probably my favorite web comic. It might be too stupid though?
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More specifically, I follow her Twitpic feed, in which she posts rough sketches.
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Response by poster: I should clarify that I do follow Kate Beaton's twitter and tumblr but I'm looking for some fresh stuff I can stick in my RSS reader. Keep it coming!

@theodolite Gun Show is not too stupid! I mean, I enjoy this. I think the non sequitur violence is what prevents me from getting hooked on Gun Show, though.
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Best answer: Noelle Stevenson and Nimona
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MeFi's own Nedroid? It's the Gun Show I would read to my kids.
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I think I learned about Buttersafe from another "recommend me a webcomic" thread here.
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Happle Tea generally likes to play with history and myth.
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Best answer: Bad Machinery, by notorious Beaton associate John Allison.
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I'm glad you asked this question, because it made me remember the awesome Sinfest.
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The Abominable Charles Christopher is one of my favorites.
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