Text of the "Swabian Tale" cherished by Einstein?
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Where can I find the text of the poem "Swabian Tale" by Ludwig Uhland that Albert Einstein extracted the term "Valiant Swabian" to refer to himself in communication with his wife Mileva?

I imagine it was originally written in German so the above quoted terms might be translations.

Background info.
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I think the German title might be Schwäbische Kunde (aka ‘Der wackere Schwabe’). If so, here are some on-line versions: i, ii, iii.
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There is a prose translation of the ballad into English in Ballads of Uhland, Goethe, Schiller (1863, on p. 38 of the book / p. 53 of the PDF), and an attempt at a verse translation in The songs and ballads of Uhland (1864, on p. 329 of the book / p. 363 of the PDF—under the title ‘Suabian Intelligence’).
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