Need help finding specific science documentary
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Looking for the name of a science/cosmos documentary from the early/mid-90s that compared medieval cathedrals to super colliders.

In 1995, at age 16 or so, I saw a documentary about space, the cosmos, subatomic particles, and super colliders and they compared our modern hunt for understanding with that of the old cathedrals: super massive structures. The vibe of the documentary seemed more like an ethereal and mystic pairing of science and religion, with generous use of low note synthesizer sounds.

There was a male host and at some point he was walking down a spiral staircase. There was heavy reference to CERN.

My searches over the years have turned up nothing. Any idea what the name of this could have been?
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I don't recall the specific sequence, but it wouldn't be Connections with James Burke? (Ep1)
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The host was younger, and even though there are several episodes of Connections, I'm certain this is not it. I think it was a standalone documentary, not part of a series.
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The original metaphor is from Victor Weisskopf. This seems to be a favorite anecdote of Lawrence Krauss (the author of the above piece), but he doesn't seem to have appeared in many documentaries.
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