Free non-sports fantasy draft website?
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Help me find a free fantasy draft website or app for user-defined lists of people or things (i.e., not sports leagues).

I am interested in creating a fantasy-style election pool. I'd like to enter a list of candidates, then have a draft, and allow people to select a roster of 10 or so congressional candidates and compete in a points-based system based on winning a race, winning a certain margin of the vote, winning certain states or counties, etc.

I am fine with manually entering all of the names in myself, and I'm also fine with doing the scoring myself, although if I can automate either part, that would be fine. I'd also be interested in finding an option to do an auction instead of a draft, and to do a roto-scoring system instead of points, but neither is necessary and may be too complicated.

All I really need is the ability to have a website where about a dozen people can go and have a timed draft from a list of names that I've provided. Anything else would be a bonus.

I've tried searching around for this, but I'm just directed to MTV's fantasy election thing, which is not what I want, or to fantasy sports leagues or (when searching for fantasy draft script) collections of unedited fantasy movie scripts. I can't believe something like this doesn't exist, because I imagine people have fantasy leagues for Top Chef or American Idol or whatever, but maybe those are all email-based.

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Check out the Cosmic Baseball Association. They simulate games between teams of related people and/or concepts. They've been running a 2012 Presidential Draft Series. There is a section for submitting personal games.
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