Where did the child pick his death?
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What was this book about children being cut in pieces and getting to choose how they die before the last piece is cut off?

Dear hive mind, please help me find this book! Here's the challenge:

- the book was written for children;

- it's about some entity (a witch) coming to cut children away, bit by bit, but so that before the last bit is cut they get to choose how they die;

- the main character goes through the ordeal, and decides he wants to die a hero, for example saving someone from drowning and drowning himself;

- his wish his granted, however the person he ends up saving is his bully at school, and the bully never tells that he was saved by the guy.

What's the title and/or author?
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My Young Adult librarian friend said this:

"No idea what that could be. Sounds almost similar to the ending of Unwind (Shusterman) but definitely not the same premise."
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I came here to mention Unwind as Zizzle above suggested, but having read the book, it really doesn't sound like what you're looking for.
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