in search of lost time book
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What was this book I read? Published in last 10 years, it had something like an explanation in layman's terms of the physics of time & why time is perceived by our consciousness as a flow. Can't recall much more than that I'm afraid.
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Was it Why Does E = MC^2? They talk a lot about how speed and time change relative to your perspective as opposed to the concept of absolute time.
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Robert Pollack's The Missing Moment, perhaps?
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Was it Julian Barbour's The End of Time?
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It sounds very much like the Barbour, even the cover looks familiar, except it's not in our local library nor do I own it, so I don't see how I could have read it. However I will be sure to do so, in fact they all look interesting
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Sean carrol, from eternity to here.
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It could also have been the Sean Carroll
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OK, this is 20 years old, but just in case: The Arrow of Time.
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Not physics, but "flow" makes me think of Csikszentmihalyi.
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