Tattooed Eyelids
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What's the name of the book where the main character is a swordsman who has sword tattoos on his eyelids?

I have a vague recollection about a book where all the characters had tattoos (on their eyelids) indicating their profession. The main character had sword tattoos (possibly blue) and was an expert swordsman. At some point he's traveling on a ship and spars/fights with the sailors.

I read this book in the 90's so it's at least that old.
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Best answer: As I recall The Reluctant Swordsman (Book One of The Seventh Sword) (1988) had characters with tattoos on their forehead indicating their profession and level in it, then tattoos on their eyelids indicating their parents professions. However, they didn't travel on a ship for long in it, and I wouldn't call anyone a swashbuckler. However, it does have two sequels that came out in 1988 that you could be thinking of. (oddly, there is also a 4th book released this year).
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Seconding The Reluctant Swordsman. The tats are on eyelids unless you are a sorcerer.
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Oh and they travel on a ship in the second book
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Response by poster: I'm pretty sure Canageek got it, but since I remember nothing of the plot I can't be 100% until I get a hold of a copy. Oddly enough in my many google searches for this book I actually came across The Reluctant Swordsman, but none of the reviews mention the tattoos.
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spunweb: I thought you got one on the forhead for each rank you got, so the main character had 7 on his forhead? Or am I mixing up books?
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Yup you are right
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