Help me find this NFL quote
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Looking for (NFL player) Takeo Spikes quote from 9 years ago...

Takeo Spikes, current NFL linebacker for the San Diego Chargers, began his career in the late '90s for the Cincinnati Bengals. He was one of the few bright spots for the lowly Bengals, who were a league laughing stock for pretty much his entire time there.

In 2003 the Bengals hired Marvin Lewis as the head coach. Lewis was held in high regard by football experts as great defensive coordinator. Naturally, many thought Spikes would be excited to play for Lewis.

However, Spikes left via free agency anyway.

When asked why he'd leave with Lewis coming in, if my memory serves, Spikes have a funny quote along the lines of "you don't choose to stay in prison just because they hired a new warden", but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Does anyone know if my memory is correct and this quote exists? If yes, where can I find it?
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The closest I could find was from this old article:
"It's like being in jail," said Spikes, clearly angered by the move. "Now I've got to go and find somebody to bail me out. I don't like it and they know I don't like it."
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