Eh? Aye? I?
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How does a Scotsman (or woman) pronounce the town Ae, Scotland?
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Scottish here. I pronounce it like the letter 'A'; rhymes with hay.
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Checked with a Scottish friend on this - she confirms it's "ay", as in "hay," "day," "lay" etc.
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I asked my academic supervisor, who is Scottish and a phonetician. Here are some fun facts about Ae:
  • In his words: "Yon's pronoonced [e:] gin ye're frae roond thae pairts, i.e., just like the name of the first letter of the alphabet."
  • The Forest of Ae is known as a centre for mountain biking.
  • Ae is the shortest placename in Britain.
  • Lastly, 'ae' is one spelling of the indefinite article in Scots, as is Robert Burns' poem 'Ae Fond Kiss'.

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