Open relationship friendly therapist in Vancouver, BC?
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Can you recommend a good therapist in Vancouver, BC with experience with open relationship/marriage and LGBT issues?

I've seen a therapist along with my partner previously, but we both felt she didn't do particularly well with my partner's desire to have an open relationship. It's something we're actively experimenting with, but it is causing strain and friction on our marriage. I am not logically opposed to the idea at all, and see nothing wrong with non-monogamy, so it's something we just need to work through.

There are also a lot of other issues I'd like to work on personally which I'd expect most therapists will be well versed with; family drama and self-esteem / career / life-direction, etc, but most important is that they have experience with and a good attitude towards non-traditional relationships.

I've looked on various websites and found some good leads, but ideally I'm looking for a recommendation from personal experience.
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