Name my far-out software project!
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I wrote a bit of software that intercepts keystrokes and composes music, with some semantic awareness for programming. What should this be called?

Working names so far have been 'windchime' and 'keypainting'. I want something that's imaginative, not over-broad, but relates in some way to the weird audio/visual augmented-typing experience this is meant to create. It'll be an OSX app that runs in the menu bar.
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Clavichord or Clavier
Toccata (the name kind of sounds like typing)

Too bad "samchillian tip tip tip cheeepeeeee" is already taken.
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Keylola (keylogger+Lola)


Keyboard Bepop (because I like Cowboy Bebop)

Qwerty Loops



Augmented Sholes Device (Sholes developed the QWERTY layout)

Keyboard DJ
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Inspired by a couple of Foci's:

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Keyboard BeepBoop?
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"Pitchkey" is maybe a little boring, but it's short, understandable in a crowd or with music in the background, and isn't already taken at Github.
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Key Change
On Key
Key Signature
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I like Windchime, but if the sound doesn't approximate that it could be a bit misleading. Might be helpful to hear some samples.

Here are some other notions: Aeolus, Ambiance, Synthesthesia, Subtext, Soundingboard, Resonate, Conqwerto, Song of Myself, Eddies, Yawp, Otterbill (as in libretto reversed), Accompanist, Intone, Typophony, Typophonic, Aura, Noodle, Found in Translation, Emergentcy.
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Prescient (Press/Ambient)
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GlockenKey (depending on the sound generated)
Keyboard Composer
Keyanola (ok, horrible pun)
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Pitter Patter

@mumkin's Intone is a good one.
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