Mystery writing on teapot
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Can anyone figure out the language/writing on the bottom of this teapot? If it helps, it was probably purchased in the NYC area between 1940 - 1970.
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It's Arabic. I could transliterate the letters, but my vocabulary isn't good enough to tell you what it says.
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Part of it is French, marque deposee is like copyright, theiere is teapot, fabrique is the maker, or fabricated by, and the other stuff looks like Arabic to me too.
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It's actually a coffee pot and was probably made in Turkey.
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here's a couple of links to similar ones, the second suggests it's algerian.
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Well, if this is accurate then Fignewton is correct -
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The mix of Arabic and French suggests that it was made in French North Africa -- Morocco, Algeria, or Tunisia. The area was really popular with tourists in the 60's and 70's, so importing something like this (or bringing it back from a trip) to the States would be profitable.
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The key is "Koutbia" (the name of the teapot company), which is an alternate (somewhat Frenchified) spelling of the name (كتبية) of the famous Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech, Morocco. I would bet that this is from Morocco.
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(I should point out that "Koutoubia" is also Frenchified; the "scientific" transliteration would be Kutubiyya.)
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