Shuttle Landing Broadcast
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Will the major networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC) be broadcasting the shuttle's return tonight/tomorrow morning? (Do you think all local affiliates are carrying it if their network does?) I can't find any thing on their websites about coverage.
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They all have it listed (according to Tivo) beginning around 4AM.
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Oops, got ahead of myself... only ABC and CBS list it specifically, at 4 and 4:30.
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Local affiliates may well air infomercials or syndicated shows, given the hour at which this is happening. Your best bet may be CNN, if you have access.
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CNN has aired ads saying that coverage begins at 4:00 AM.
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Let's try again tomorrow.
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I prefer my coverage without all the anchor chatter... if you have cable, you may want to try C-SPAN. They were relaying NASA TV overnight, and will likely do so again for tomorrow's attempt.

Alternately, if you've got a broadband connection, you might try a NASA TV stream. Fun to have on at work... if your employer doesn't mind.
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You could check TV Guide's listings.
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Time zones, people! Time zones!
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Given that the last re-entry was a disaster, I think it's a given that they're all going to have live coverage (most of them are running network newsy things around then anyway, like World News Now.)

Before the network cut-in you can keep track at SpaceFlightNow, which more or less blogs the mission.
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