I'm Making a Messenger Bag
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I'm making a messenger bag, and I seek a particular type of fastener.

I want a fastener that is a essentially a bolt on a pivot, with a nut or a ball on the end. The bolt pivots down, with the nut/ball locking into a slot, latching the bolt in place. This will be securing the heavy canvas flap. Please help!
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I'm a total bag/fastener nerd. Does this exist or are you inventing it? Can you draw a picture? I think I get what you're saying, is this a variation on a twist-lock fastener?

In general, try checking sailing hardware sites - they often have really different and inventive things you never realized you needed.
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Best answer: Sounds to me like Swing Hooks. Not sure what the best supplier is for these, but hope it's what you're looking for. I love these style closures!
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I would also check Amazon Supply.
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This is a job for StrapWorks.
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