How to rock a grill like Ryan Lochte
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How can I make an American flag, red white and blue, grill for my teeth that looks like the $25,000 custom grill gold medalist Ryan Lochte rocked at the Olympics? Jeah!

I mean "rocked" as sarcastically as possible.

I also would want to spend close to nothing to make my own.

(his was diamond encrusted - I thought he was wearing a teeth whitener of some sort)

Here's a pic and article about his.
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How long would you wear it? If it's a photo op thing, you could do something with rhinestones or glitter glue and an over-the-counter mouth guard, though I would imagine wearing it for more than few seconds would end up with a mouth full of glue-flavored saliva and sore gums.
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Just color some aluminum foil with a sharpie marker and mold it to your teeth. It might/will cut up your mouth, but it's cheap.
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Get a mouth guard and go to a craft store for some really tiny sequins and a hot glue gun. That should be pretty cheap and semi-permanent, depending on what you need it for.
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How long do you need to wear this bad boy? I'd do the tiny sequins/rhinestones that other people are suggesting, but if you don't have to wear it for TOO long, for maximum comfort, I'd suggest embedding them in brace wax. It'll stick to your teeth, mold to any shape and won't cut you up. That stuff is the BOMB.
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Get a set of those fake vampire teeth and some sparkle farkle gems from the craft store. The tricky bit is going to what type of glue to use. Maybe e-6000 or shoe goo. Some type of ceramic adhesive might work. Not sure what types would be mouth/saliva safe.
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Regarding the aluminum foil idea above, a warning: if you have any cavities/fillings, putting aluminum foil on your teeth might cause excruciating pain. Here is an article explaining why.
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