NYC magician?
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Who is a good magician to see in NYC on a weekday, not necessariliy a big spectacular broadway style show? I'd like to see Ricky Jay, but his show isn't playing right now. And Penn and Teller defected to Vegas.
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Sad to say, but the days of seeing Ricky Jay may be numbered; he sat next to me on a flight from NYC last week, and was strapped to an oxygen tank in the overhead luggage compartment. Emphysema, I believe, hopefully something that won't end his live performance career...
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Check out to "Monday Night Magic", great small venue. They're at the St. Clement's Theater, on 46th between 9th and 10th
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I second the Monday Night Magic rec.
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aaarrrgh, I only have Tuesday night free, unless "monday night" is a euphemism.

I'm sorry to hear about Ricky Jay, but you get major points for having sat next to him. Did he con you out of any money? :)
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