Where Can I Go Online To Get My Short Story Reading Fix
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Your recommendations for online short fiction?

I've seen previous questions on Metafilter, but I haven't seen one that specifically asks for recommendations for short stories and fiction online.

What are some good websites to visit?

Note: I am not really interested in fantasy, scifi, or horror. Looking for more realistic stories. Quality flash fiction or short fiction is preferred.

I know the New Yorker and Longform are two places to go. Where else?

Thanks much!
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The Classic Short Stories site has an impressive list of the, um, classics. Edgar Allen Poe, H G Wells, Shirley Jackson, Roald Dahl, and more - you can read the stories that made them famous. (Maybe skip Poe for the horror and Wells for the sci-fi?)

They also have a links page to other online short story collections.
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The Collagist
American Short Fiction
Tin House
Kill Author
Necessary Fiction
Featherproof Books free mini books
Kenyon Review Online
McSweeney's Internet Tendency
SmokeLong Quarterly

And lots more. That's just kind of a rough list of places that publish good fiction.
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Thanks Cerebus and Miss T.Horn! I forgot to mention I'm leaning more towards recent works, but I appreciate the link to the classics. :-)
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Brevity has some really good stuff. It's creative non-fiction, not fiction, but it reads like the best realistic fiction.
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