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Looking for an adhesive that can bond silcon rubber to ABS. Being able to fill small gaps would be a plus
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I would try 3M 5200 adhesive/sealant. It seems to work on everything and can even be applied under water.
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That's a tricky one, because silicone doesn't bond well to anything, and ABS glues are usually solvents. How much surface area, how strong does it have to be, what forces are acting on it, etc?

If you've got a reasonable contact area (say, ½" sq or more) & not too much 'ripping' force (i.e. they're not going to be pulled directly apart or twisted), then a contact adhesive would be the best bet. Something like 3M's 80 spray contact, but it won't fill gaps. Any contact adhesive will fill (very small-ish) gaps, but won't be as strong. One of the slightly softer epoxies will fill larger gaps, but not bond terribly well.

Whatever you use you'll have to scuff the surfaces (or use a bond/glue primer) if you want any chance of a strong grip.
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This to That has a few recommendations, but nothing specific for silicon+ABS.

You might have to go mechanical, like a hose clamp (or that may be impossible, depending on your project).
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I saw a presentation on this glue yesterday was pretty well stonkered by it:


It can be used to fill in small gaps (they demonstrated it, using the aluminum powder they also sell, though any other inert substance could work) and supposedly it will stick to anything except water.

I have not tried it in your particular situation, however.
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Maybe RTV silicone adhesive? It should bond to ABS (especially if roughed up) and silicone rubber reasonably well.
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Maybe Sugru? It starts off as a moldable putty so it should be able to fill gaps.
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Response by poster: 2N2222

We are using RTV now which gives a Mediocre bond. The silicon rubber seal was an afterthought on an ABS case. The fit is very poor. This joint really needs a redesign rather than a better adhesive.

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RTV to ABS or PVC will give a very mediocre bond unless the plastic is well roughened first.

If what you're trying to glue in is some kind of case seal, would you be better off using something like a butyl sealant to replace it entirely rather than trying to glue it in?
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It's going to be very difficult to come up with anything that will bond silicone to ABS well, especially if it needs to be mechanically resilient. IF RTV isn't working for you, I'm not certain there's a better answer.
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I wonder if JB Weld would work for you.
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JB Weld is just epoxy with a bit of metal powder in it, as far as I can tell, and is unlikely to bond well to silicone. From the FAQ:

Q: Is there anything that J-B Weld WON'T bond to?

A: J-B Weld will not adhere to, or bond well to:

Any flexible rubber surface
Polypropylene plastic
Polyethylene plastic
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