What made spiral markings on my zucchini?
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What made this mysterious raised spiral marking on my zucchini? It came out of my garden today.

There are two spirals, one very clear and one not so clear. They are both about 3" from the start of the stem; here's a picture of the whole zucchini. The markings are slightly raised, hard and yellow. I'm assuming it was a bug, but which kind of bug would do this and why? The spirals aren't cut into the zuke like something was eating it, they're raised. So, do I have bugs or aliens or strange cultists in the backyard?
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maybe a bug chewed on it a little and that's how it healed over?
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Many larvae feed in circular patterns. I do not know why -- it is the way of larvae.

Zucchini and other hearty cucurbits scar. (Try scratching a face on a pumpking before it matures.)

Scenario: Some little worm came along and fed on your zuke. Your zuke scarred.

Ain't no big deal.
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If you believe in the supernatural it could be like Uzumaki!
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My father (who has grown more zucchini than MeFi has users) says it's some kind of "mealy mite" -- a larvae of some kind and possibly the larvae of a cucumber beetle. He also says whatever it is left and as clarahamster says the scar healed over. It's safe to eat. Enjoy!
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Mini crop circles. I think you need to start monitoring your garden at night. With microscopes.
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