Best sealant for acrylic paint / paper-maché?
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I'm augmenting my bike helmet with a bit of paper-maché and acrylic paint. What should I put on as a final layer to make it water proof?
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For rain, you COULD just get one of those rain covers and slip it on, removing it for non-rainy times.
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I'd let your final layer be the acrylic paint, and I'd use that tough texture spray-polyurethane stuff (Rhino-liner is the brand name I am thinking of, but that is a service provider. You can get this stuff at any of the home improvement stores or K/Wal/Tar/Etc. Comes in a big spray can) as the intermediate layer between the maché and the paint.
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I would use some decoupage varnish or lacquer, although I'm not sure how weather-resistant it is as a material.
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I would leave your helmet alone. They aren't really designed to work with the extra stuff on them that you are putting on.
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The guy who taught me to make papier-mache heads [example] told me that Rustoleum spray lacquer is the best, and so that's what I use. It will repel light rain and mist though the whole structure will eventually soften because, you know, it's made of paper. Spray lacquer will also darken your paint job some so test it first.
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Yes, check your helmet instructions. Mine specifically said not to attach anything permanent as it can make the helmet less effective in a crash andnot to put chemicals like paint on it as the foam inside can be invisibly damaged by the fumes. This is a seriously bad idea from a safety standpoint, IMHO.
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Also, anything that decreases smoothness could snag during a fall, causing a rotation injury to the neck. Helmets are smooth for a reason.
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I've used varathane as a sealant on both papier mache and polymer clay. It's designed to be a wood sealant for outdoor decks, among other things.
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I know it is frowned upon to paint or otherwise mar youth baseball batting helmets, as the manufacturers will not guarantee the safety of a helmet so modified. I'd be worried about the same thing here.
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