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Can you identify this mystery wedding photo?

In October 2010 some friends and I found an expired balloon near Grand Saline, Texas. Attached was a wedding photo and a note. Apparently they released the balloons at some point (an anniversary?) and wanted people to report where they had found them. Unfortunately, we lost the note and the photo. All I've got now is a photo of the photo: http://imgur.com/fXJa3

I thought I'd see if the Internet could identify these folk. I think the address was in Utah, but I'm not sure. It looks to me like the photo was from the late 80s/early 90s, but I'm no expert.
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Can you get a scan of the photo?
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Yeah, if you can get a decent upload of the picture (even just taking a digital picture of the pic alone, well-lit), you could probably throw it into one of those image-finder websites (I think google does it, too) that would search the web for that image -- and maybe the result would be useful.
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I don't think a better quality image is possible:

Unfortunately, we lost the note and the photo. All I've got now is a photo of the photo
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Contact some newspapers in the area and pitch it as a story. It seems to me that might narrow in on your demographic (older folks who still read newspapers who may have been at that wedding), if the wedding was anywhere nearby Grand Saline. It's a neat story, nonetheless!
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Ask on AskReddit! They kinda specialize in this crazy stuff.
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I'm certainly no fashion expert, but I think that might be from the '80s, based on the bride's dress with those big shoulders. (Too bad you don't still have the photo: there are people who could date it pretty tightly based on the photo paper.....)
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Starting with the assumption it is from Utah, and so the possibility that it is an LDS couple getting married, they often have a model of the LDS temple they were married in on the top of their wedding cake.

That is what the top of the wedding cake looks like--something like this or, more particularly, this.

Specifically, it could be the Logan UT temple or the Manti UT temple (those two have almost identical designs and certainly not much that would distinguish them even in the plastic wedding cake-topping model itself, let alone a very small and fuzzy photograph of said model--so I think you have to go with an equal chance of it being either one of those two). There is a very, very slim chance it could be the Vernal UT temple but none of the other LDS temples are even close to the shape in the photo, so I would say narrowing it down to Logan or Manti is a fairly safe bet.
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