flash game about drunk hedgehogs
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Flash game in Russian about a drunk hedgehog?

I'm looking for a game I remember playing online around 2004. You were a broke hedgehog, and you were trying to make money by drinking vodka so you could return the empty bottles for the deposit. You had to eat a bunch of ham (?), too, or else you'd get drunk too fast ("don't forget to snack!"). The game was in Russian.

Ring any bells?
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Never heard of it, couldn't google anything similar.

Could it be that it wasn't in Russian but in, say, Serbian or Bulgarian?
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Response by poster: I'm pretty sure it was in Russian; I was studying Russian at the time.
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ёж is the word for "hedgehog"; Google turned up this page of hedgehoggy games. Any of them familiar?
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Also, if this doesn't pan out here, try asking SEELANGS. They know everything (if it weren't for the fact that practically everyone I know in the Russian department I took classes in is on the list, and for the fact that it's a very strange question I won't be able to give any additional information for, I'd ask it myself.)
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