where to hike near vancouver
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Please recommend backpacking trips around Vancouver, doable in around four or five days by two people who are in shape and one person who isn't (me). (I.e. we are unlikely to be able to do the entire west coast trail.)
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Well, since you mentioned the West Coast Trail, I'm assuming you have considered travelling to Vancouver Island.

One park that might suit your need is the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. The trail terminus/trailhead (depending whether you're travelling north or south) lies just a few kilometers south of Port Renfrew, itself just across the bay from the start of the West Coast Trail.

The Juan de Fuca Trail offers some similar scenery, and some similarly difficult terrain. However, it's not as remote as the West Coast Trail, so you're not committed to a multi-day expedition. Indeed, you can make an overnight trip from the trailhead at beautiful China Beach which as a paved parking lot and a provincial campsite.

Or, you could drive about 30 minutes up the road from China Beach to Sombrio, and hike in from there.

Bear Beach on the Juan de Fuca Trail is another option.

The only issue of this area is theft and general hicksville jackassery. We go camping to China Beach with our young kids every year, but we take care not make sure our belongings are secure in the trunk of our car.

Closer to Vancouver, Garibaldi has some easy hikes into the bush, notably Black Tusk.
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You can take the langdale ferry to horseshoe bay and drive to Sechelt. There is a place there called Peddles and Paddles that rents kayaks. You can then go kayak to one of several camp sites and trail heads, all in a matter of hours. It is beautiful, fairly unpopulated, but quite civilized in town. I've had great times there. The people renting can hook you up with maps and advice (call ahead to make a res and tell them your plans).
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Juan de Fuca.

There is a lot of nice day-hiking in the interior of the island, inland of Nanaimo. Great big provincial park.
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