Transfer questions
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Transfer, the 2010 German movie: questions! (big spoilers inside; avoid if you haven't seen this awesome movie)

What a movie.
Questions (I'd love help with any of these):

Sarah and Apolain stay bound by their contracts in the end, right? Clearly Anna and Hermann return to their old bodies, but is that just a gesture for their own consciences? (They know someone will use S and A but they themselves don't want to be the users?)

What about creepy security guy? We see him taking the medication, so we know we're not seeing his original body, but are we supposed to understand who he really is? Maybe he was an early experiment that didn't quite work?

Does the inventor of the technology now live in the body of the sales director/supervisor lady?

Finally: do you know any interviews or articles online about this movie? (Could be in any language; I can use Google Translate.)
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