Minnows that eat mosquitoes.
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I have a 2 gallon clear plastic fish tank. I just put a couple of water hyacinths in along with the tiny aquatic snails they harbored and a handful of compost for nutrients. I also want to add a few small fish that will feed on mosquitoes. What would be the best commonly-available species, or mix of species? This is all just for fun, by the way. I live new Atlanta, Georgia.
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Gambusia is the most common. Where do you live? Try to find something native. I'm guessing that your use of the work Gallons means you're in the States. Check with the local aquarium society. There is something nice about keeping native fish. If natives aren't available a herd of Australian or New Guinea rainbowfishes are my favorite fresh water. Hardy, cold water and stunning displays in groups
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I was going to catch some at a local pond, but they swim away when you walk up. Anyway, the hyacinth isn't native either and is very invasive.
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Guppies? Or a betta, a betta would love that setup.
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Are you planning to breed mosquitos? Lots of fish would go for the squirming larvae, but what would they be doing in there to begin with?

Mosquitos will first show up as tiny maggot like creatures that bob around near the surface. Once they transform, and they often do this all as once as a group, then they wil rise above the water and fly up and down repeatedly to dry off their wings, and then be on their way.
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Nano-reef.com is a good resource for this type of project.
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Along with what mattoxic said above, just go to a bait store and get what they have on hand. That could be minnows, bluegill, or crappie. Any of those are native, local, eat mosquito larvae, and are pretty hearty living under a plant. Added bonus is they are cheap.
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