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Where can we go jazz/swing dancing in New York City?

We're looking for a nice place to go dancing in Manhattan / Brooklyn over the next weekend. (The kind of place with a live band and you're expected to dress up a bit.) Bonus points if we wouldn't be the youngest people there at 30.

We're not the best dancers, but we basically want to be able to go, have a few drinks, dance a few songs, and have a good time. Any ideas?

(Next weekend is ideal, but if there are special evens other weekends this summer, we'd love to hear about that too)
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Best answer: This week in swing, from Eileen.

It's not entirely clear to me whether both Baby Soda *and* Gelber and Manning are playing next Saturday, but either one is good. Both would be even better.

(Regarding your age, in the swing-dancing circles I run in, being 30 puts you among the oldest.)
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Mark your calendars for this year's Jazz Age Lawn Parties:

The 7th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party
JUNE 16TH & 17TH, 2012
Governors Island
11am – 5pm
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Check for events on Yehoodi
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