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What is the best learner digital piano, for under a grand? (1000 GBP)
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When I was in your situation, I decided all I really needed was a full sized keyboard with piano weighted keys. This Casio is a cheap way to meet those requirements.

Definitely not "top of the line," but it's more than enough to learn on, I think.
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You might want to look at the Yamaha P95 for that price. I have the previous model (P85) and I like it very much, though once you get up to an intermediate level I think the lack of dynamic control becomes more obvious -- it's very hard to get more subtle gradations of loud and soft. (Or maybe I'm just not very good.)

But differences between the brands are fairly subjective. You should try to play a couple in person and see how you feel about how they play and how they sound.
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Seconding the P95. Keyboard has a solid feel and the sound (both wired output and internal) is very good. Nice small form factor too if that's a concern.

I believe I payed around $550US about two years ago.
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I'm a big fan of digital pianos rather than keyboards. I have a Roland, and was torn when shopping between Roland and Kawai digital pianos. You should be able to find an entry-level model new for under £1,000.
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I have a Yamaha P70, based on recommendations from more experienced pianists on how the keys felt.

My only regret is that it doesn't have a built-in metronome, which can be very helpful in learning pieces.
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I have a Casio PX130 which cost in the region of $400 so shouldn't be much in the UK. Many piano players who've used it love it.
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I have a Casio Privia that I paid around $1,000(US) for and I've been very happy with it. It has very realistic feeling keys' the sound is not always perfect but it *feels* a lot like playing a piano.
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Also: most DPs in this price range that are just the keyboard (as opposed to a keyboard enclosed in a cabinet) are going to have speakers that sound weak and kind of tinny. Try them with good headphones -- they sound much better that way -- and if you want good speakers, buy them separately.
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I have a lovely Korg SP-250, good sound, nice weight...highly recommended. You might be able to find it online for under 1000.
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Yamaha YDP161 a lot of music teachers seem to recommend the Yamaha Arius range, they have a good sound and don't have 300 'special effect' buttons.
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