D&D Campaigns for a single player?
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Can anyone recommend some simple Dungeons & Dragons campaigns specifically designed for two people (one DM and one player)?

My wife, after watching the Dungeons & Dragons episode of Community, decided she wanted to try playing D&D. I thought I could put together a campaign for her as the only player. (It's been ages since I've played so I don't want to try to put together a full group.) Looking for modules, physical or downloadable or whatever, for a nice casual intro for her, something specifically designed for one DM and one player. Don't particularly care about which edition it is.
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Expeditious Retreat converted their 1 on 1 Adventures series to Pathfinder for the release of the compendium volume. And Pathfinder is the offshoot of the open version of D&D3/3.5 that many players now prefer over D&D4.
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Hm. The new D&D red box might be good -- it has the character creation set up as a sort of mini-adventure for 1DM and 1PC ("a bandit attacks the caravan! What do you do?" "I... um... hide beneath it and then try to cut his hamstrings?" "Ah, you're a rogue then!"). It's quite cleverly done and pretty cute, but if your wife is a gamer already she may find it too simplistic. IIRC, it segues into some 2 player adventures as well. It's also dirt cheap (I believe I got mine from the overpriced hobby shop down the street for $20).

Red box rules, BTW, are simplified 4ed rules. Since 4ed is already pretty simple, even if your wife doesn't game she'll have no troubles figuring it out. Again, though, if she plays board games, TCG, wargames, or any other rules-heavy, abstraction-heavy type of gaming she'll probably find it too easy.

All that being said, she'll likely have more fun if you've got a couple of interested friends. Run a one shot (the Pathfinder Beginner's Box will be your friend here!) over an afternoon with some beers & snacks, if you've got people interested.
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Does it have to be D&D? If you're unfamiliar with the system as a DM and she's never played a tabletop RPG before and you're playing a game that is heavily balanced around having a party of several different characters (which every edition of D&D is) then chances are it will probably not go very smoothly. If you just want the tabletop RPG experience in general rather than D&D specifically, I would highly recommend Beast Hunters, it's designed around being run with 2 people and has a more simplified rule-set than you'll get with D&D or Pathfinder.
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Thanks for the ideas, everyone!
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At the risk of answering a question you're not asking and being that annoying guy, consider Tales of the Arabian Nights, a boardgame rather than an RPG.

It really depends what you're after - if you're after a storytelling experience, then this is perfect, and works well with two players. Think of it as like Choose Your Own Adventure, so there's no combat and the decisions you make are a bit arbitrary, but it's fun in a similar way to RPGs, but you don't have to roll a character or make complicated fighting decisions with dice rolls and modifiers and all that.

There are also D&D boardgames, but these are stripped-back and GM-less, so there's not a great deal of story.
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